Hemp, according to THC content, is divided into industrial hemp, medical hemp and drug hemp. By the end of 2018:31 countries and regions legalize industrial marijuana, 55 countries and regions legalize medical marijuana, and 11 countries and regions legalize recreational marijuana. 

Global cannabis companies have raised nearly $13.8 billion just in 2018, compared with $3.5 billion in 2017, according to Viridian Capital Advisors, a cannabis industry consulting firm. And marketing firm Arcview forecasts that global legal marijuana sales will grow by 230 percent to $32 billion by 2020. 

In recent years, with the start of the whole industrial chain layout of industrial hemp, all walks of life have entered the hemp industry, including electronics, clothing, medical, fuel, food and other industries. As the country with the largest industrial hemp planting area, China is expected to produce 103,000 tons of hemp in 2021 

“The cannabis industry in 2030 is going to look dramatically different than today. At Nugg, we predict: 
1.Cannabis will be commoditized — mass production will have caused prices to decrease, large brands will be in perfect competition; a dedicated niche for specialty, artisan brands will flourish. 
2.National legalization and an acute distinction between recreational and medical marijuana; scientific research will have proven widespread medical benefits of cannabis. 
3.Cannabis mega-brands will exist on a global scale, as U.S. legalization will encourage other countries to follow suit. 
4.Hyper-personalized administration — AI, machine learning, and bio-sensors will come together to customize one’s medical cannabis regimen for maximum physiological benefit. 
5.Robotics and ag-tech will revolutionize how cannabis is grown & distributed, achieving economies of scale at rapid pace. 
6.Robotics (drones, automated delivery fleets) will cause home-delivery to be the primary method by which consumers acquire cannabis.”

The development process of CBD in recent years

Hemp, according to THC content, is divided into industrial hemp, medical hemp and drug hemp. By the end of 2018:31 countries and regions legalize industrial marijuana, 55 countries and regions legalize medical marijuana, and 11 countries and regions legalize recreational marijuana.


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Creation time:2017/01/01