The development of imini

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-cigarettes in countries around the world, from the regional point of view, Europe and the United States occupy the vast majority of market share of the data show that the top three global e-cigarette consumption in 2016 are the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy, respectively. It accounts for 43.2%, 12.7% and 6.9% of global e-cigarette sales. Although China produces more than 90% of the world's electronic cigarettes, the products are mainly exported, and domestic e-cigarette consumption accounts for only 6% of the world.
Dakon also produced and processed large smoke electronic cigarettes when the tobacco market dominated the market in the past few years. However, after seeing the potential of small cigarettes, the overall direction was close to small smoke. In the market full of big smoke, it can be said that Lonely hero, then after the design and development of several models, the imini brand of the first generation of imini electronic cigarettes in 2017. At that time, the CBD was in the rise of the US open market. After the imini V1 entered the US market, it attracted the attention of many consumers with its small and exquisite appearance. The design is aimed at small smoke and CBD. It has a small popularity in the market and has received a lot of praise.
Of course, the company has always maintained the pursuit of innovation in products and the fastest development of feedback on consumer demand, and hopes to bring more good products to the market. In the first year of 2018, the company continued to develop the imini II model imini V2 under the imini v1. The size of the imini V2 was slightly increased, and the structure of the three-speed voltage regulation and the transformation of the LED light were added. Once introduced, iminiV2 has been loved and sought after by more consumers because of its aesthetic appearance and functional enhancement. It can be said that it has played a good hand. In general, the initial market goal of the small smoke CBD market has brought the company great confidence and pointed out the direction for future product development.
In 2019, the company launched a more innovative and innovative pod system, called ICARTS CUBE. The innovation of flat smoke and metal atomizer integration will definitely set off a new round of storms in the market!
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imini 电子烟的发展历程

本文主要讲述达康尔科技有限公司跟随着电子烟潮流发展的形势下发展出自己的品牌 imini和旗下产品的过程。


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Creation time:2017/01/01