Compared to the traditional tobatoo with the huge market ,now the e-cigarette just has a small scale .But cause it has the advantage of health、high cost effective、fashion and other nature attribute,now the market is almost uniformly optimistic about the growth potential of the e-cigarette industry.As predicted,the e-cigarette market in china will surpass the 200 billion mark by 2020.

Though our country produces 90% of the world e-cigarette,the domestic consumer market is still small.But there is an increase trends in recent years.According to statistics,in 2016 China’s e-cigarette production was 1.205 billion,and in 2017 it was 1.6 billion.In 2018 e-cigarette production exceed 2.2 billion.

E-cigarette market in China

This article mainly introduce the trends of e-cigarette in our country  in recent years through the data.


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Creation time:2017/01/01